here are my lovely pets! they are so cute and amazing and i love them with all my heart! feel free to ask any questions about them, im always happy to talk!


heres my sweet girl isabelle, shes currently 10 years old and her birthday is july 19th! her favorite activities include laying in sunbeams and getting belly rubs.


heres annie, shes my sisters cat and shes 2 years old! we dont know her exact birthday but its probably around july or august. shes a chubby little girl who loves playing with her toys and laying on stacks of clean laundry!


yugi is the smallest of my three rats, and shes a bit shy! she likes being petted and playing in cardboard tubes. all my rats are around the same age, about 10 months as of writing this!


heres exodia, who happens to be the mascot of this site! shes super friendly and loves to lay on my bed with me while im on my computer. she also loves laying in her hammock and eating apple slices.


kaiba is my fastest, most athletic rat! she loves running around and even play fighting with the other rats. she likes sitting on my shoulder and eating fruit! shes also a bit camera shy, so all of my photos of her are a bit blurry >_<