hello world! my name is zoe, and im a 16 year old girl who luvs the internet! im always learning new things abt html, css, and programming in general! i have a lot of other interests, and you can find a big list HERE! you can also find out more about me, like my FICTIONKINS and FAVORITE CHARACTERS by following those links! i love love love animals, and i have 2 cats and 3 rats! you can find out more abt them on my PETS page. you can also check out my BLINKIES and STAMPS pages to find some cool graphics!

i will try to update this website often, so hopefully each time you check in there will be a little more to see! right now, a lot of things are under contruction, so some links may not work, but i will get to those soon! anyways, i hope you enjoy my site and have a nice day!

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